Mazaka Services

We know this very well; it takes years to win the customer, and seconds to lose. For this reason, our goal is to win new customers and not to lose our existing customers and to increase their loyalty to the brand. The most important reasons why Mazaka is a global brand is related to the excellence of after-sales services.

Mazaka after-sales services organization responsible of;

  • Warranty, maintenance, repair and spare parts services

  • Products tracking

  • Monitoring customer complaints and demands

  • Development from complaints and claims

The Solution of the problem in the fastest way for the customer after sales services. Mazaka is an unforgettable planning with fast service, right approach, permanent solution and perfect service understanding with a performance above customer expectations. With our 6 distributors worldwide, become member of Mazaka family today.

The advantages of Mazaka Genuine Spare Parts are;

  1. Original spare parts will increase the life of your machine as well as the first day.

  2. It can be monitored by standards, provides reliable and safe use.

  3. It also gains in long-term expense costs.

  4. Improves the performance of your machine.

  5. Does not spoil the authenticity of your machine.

  6. Saves maintenance costs.

  7. Prevents unplanned stops.

  8. It is under warranty.